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Sri Lanka Children's Trust

Our Work

Sri Lanka Children's Trust volunteers work closely with community based organizations, children's homes, and local government officials to identify children's needs in terms of health, nutrition, sanitation, and education. They then design small programs directed towards these needs, sourcing and working with donor partners in other countries.

Our volunteers typically bring specialized skills in computer applications, accounting, photography, healing arts, nutrition, etc. and/or have long experience in public relations, publishing, etc. that they apply to assist children's homes and local organizations to source donor funding and become financially transparent and solvent.

In addition to this central activity, the Trust also serves as a networking hub and logistics resource base for organisations that carry out social service on the East Coast. Our branch offices serve donors, often corporate or individuals, who do not have field offices in Sri Lanka.

Our in-depth knowledge of the communities we serve enables us means we can easily identify compatible project-concepts for donors, as well as project managers and contractors to organise project logistics. Our combined decades of experience of living and working in rural Sri Lanka, and the respect villagers have for us, give us a unique ability to bridge the cultural divide between international donors and local needs.

By facilitating coordination between donors abroad and local organizations, we have helped to improve living conditions for many hundreds of children since the Tsunami. The Trust also serves as an oversight and administrative body for donors, ensuring that expenditure is carried out with transparency and accountability.

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