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Sri Lanka Children's Trust

Foreign Volunteers

From its beginning as a Tsunami response, the Sri Lanka Children's Trust has relied upon a few well qualified (yet unpaid) full time volunteers for its success. Experience shows that successful project execution—especially remote areas—requires the presence of diligent and experienced project administrators.

During year 2005, in the months after the Asian tsunami, we accepted dozens of volunteers from abroad, typically for a month or two. But we found that, with few exceptions, young inexperienced volunteers from developed countries are seldom prepared for the social conditions of rural Sri Lanka nor do they have sufficient practical experience working alone or in a multi-cultural multi-linguistic team.

We are looking for mature volunteers with demonstrated ability in fields that our projects need, including administration, accounting, teaching English as a foreign language, computer, etc., and that too only when they are prepared to commit themselves to a period of service of several months to one year.

Each competent, motivated, and productive volunteer represents an important asset for our Trust, and we invest heavily in our volunteers in terms of our limited resources, even if the volunteers receive no salary (we provide their local style meals and accommodation only).

For more details about voluntary work with the Sri Lanka Children's Trust, see positions.

To apply to serve as a Sri Lanka Children's Trust volunteer, write to info@slctrust.org