Sri Lanka Children's Trust

Our Principles of Operation

These Principles of Operation are designed to preserve and promote high standards of independence and effectiveness in acting as a humanitarian and development agency.

The Sri Lanka Children's Trust stands by these principles and encourages its partner organizations to observe them in equal measure. Our policies and principles may be summarized as follows:

  1. Humanitarian Imperative
    We recognize that the right to receive and the right to offer humanitarian and/or development assistance is a fundamental humanitarian principle. Our primary motive for offering assistance is to improve the human condition and alleviate human suffering.
  2. Non-Discrimination Policy
    We follow a policy of non-discrimination regarding ethnic origin, sex, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, political orientation, marital status and age. Assistance priorities and target populations are determined on the basis of needs alone.
  3. Respect for Culture and Custom
    We respect the culture, religions and traditions of all people.
  4. Non-Alignment
    We are not aligned with any governments, government controlled or organized bodies, or any political parties. We act according to our own agency's mandates and policies, our own programme designs and use implementation strategies that we believe are in the best interests of beneficiaries' humanitarian needs, and ultimately in the best long-term interests of the people.
  5. Use of Information
    While implementing our programmes, we might collect, use and disseminate information, which should be used strictly for humanitarian and development purposes.
  6. Accessibility
    We strive to work directly with and have unimpeded access to project beneficiaries and their communities, community organizations and partners to assess, implement, evaluate and monitor projects.
  7. Advocacy
    We respect fundamental human rights and advocate for rights of individuals according to our programme objectives.
  8. Accountability
    We are accountable to our beneficiaries and donors. We apply monitoring mechanisms to ensure all assistance reaches the intended beneficiaries and is not diverted by any other party. We have in place financial audit systems that verify all financial expenditures.
  9. Rights-Based Programming
    We respect fundamental human rights as defined by the United Nations. Our programmes take a constructive proactive approach to advocate for rights of individuals as consistent with our programme objectives. We promote the rights of beneficiaries, in particular women, to fully participate in the design of projects to be implemented in their communities.
  10. Capacity Building
    We work in a manner that supports civil society and builds the capacity of human resources, community based organizations and NGOs. We promote understanding amongst our staff, and between our staff members and target populations, towards recognizing the importance of reconciliation and understanding amongst Sri Lanka's diverse peoples.
  11. Sustainability
    We strive to implement programmes and projects that reduce beneficiaries' long-term vulnerability and need for and dependence upon future assistance.

Note: These Joint Principles of Operation are similar to and extracted from the International Code of Conduct of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief.