Computer Literacy for Poor ChildrenComputer Literacy for Poor ChildrenMatt Morris of Performers Without Borders entertains Tsunami affected children
Sri Lanka Children's Trust

Project: Computer Literacy for Poor Children


  • Rural Knowledge Center, Harbor Road, Trincomalee
  • Brothers of Charity Community Center, Pandiruppu-2
  • Rural Knowledge Center, Koslanda, Badulla district

    Description: Provide fully subsidized courses in introductory computer to children of poor families through community-based organisations that promote IT.

    Donor: Matt Morris of Performers Without Borders on behalf of individual donors in the UK

    Partners: Three community learning centers listed above

    Period: Launched in September 2006 as a pilot project in Trincomalee; projects in Pandiruppu and Koslanda may continue with donors' financial support.

    Benchmarks: Pilot project for ten children in Trincomalee was launched but could not be sustained by remote administration. Subsequent projects administered in Pandiruppu (27 children and teachers) and Koslanda (40 poor children age 7-14) have been successful but will require funding to continue through 2007.

    Remarks: Failure of the pilot project in Trincomalee demonstrated the need for close monitoring and highlighted the pitfalls of launching projects that are too far away from our project bases in Ampara and Badulla districts. No further project work is planned for Trincomalee District until we can begin to provide administrative supervision of projects there. The project concept however is proving successful and viable in communities like Pandiruppu and Koslanda where we have resident administrators in place to monitor activities.