Asia Foundation book distribution at Chettipalayam
Sri Lanka Children's Trust

Asia Foundation Books for Asia Distribution

Objective: Provide high quality text books to children's homes, schools, and projects to encourage books reading and English among children, teachers, and volunteers working with children in remote and impoverished areas.

Location: Five children's homes of Batticaloa District; Visions of Hope Children's Center of Pandiruppu, Ampara District; and children's institutions in Badulla District.

Description: The Asia Foundation's ‘Books for Asia' program sends textbook publishers' ‘extras' to Sri Lanka by the sea container for distribution to libraries, but no distribution mechanism exists to benefit institutions in remote areas far from Colombo. In this partnership of The Asia Foundation and the Sri Lanka Children's Trust, donors sponsor the distribution of reference books and children's textbooks to children's institutions served by the Trust.

Donors: Rudolf Diesel Realschule of Munich, Germany

Partners: The Asia Foundation of USA

Benchmarks: February 2007: Patrick Harrigan selects 450 textbooks from The Asia Foundation in Colombo. The books are distributed in equal batches of 56 books to five children's homes of Batticaloa district, and to Nava Shakti Educational Center Pandiruppu and Meerabedda Tamil Vidyalayam of Koslanda, and other reference books for Trust volunteer use.

Remarks: Students and teachers of Rudolf Diesel Realschule of Munich raised 210 euros (ca. Rs 30,000) to help needy children of the east coast. They decided to use it to acquire and distribute books from The Asia Foundation through the Sri Lanka Children's Trust.