Sri Lanka Children's Trust

Our Aims and Objectives

The Primary Objects of the Trust are to:

  1. Provide assistance to children's homes in terms of improving the children's sanitation, health, education, and general welfare.
  2. Rehabilitate children affected by poverty, civil conflict, or natural disasters by establishing and maintaining programs in association with local self help and other societies.
  3. Provide assistance including technical and financial assistance for the weakest members of society, including the aged, women, and the handicapped, either individually or collectively.

Ancillary Objects:

  1. Establish funds or trusts and to receive donations, contributions and subscriptions towards pursuance of the primary objects of the trust;
  2. Act as paid consultants to other national and international organisations who wish to carry out charitable work in Sri Lanka.
  3. Seek external funding from Sri Lanka and abroad with the approval of the Government of Sri Lanka in support of the above mentioned objects.
  4. Engage volunteers from Sri Lanka and abroad in support of the above-mentioned objects.